Blessings and Rebirth

Exotica Botanica

About The Art Work

“This work is part of an ongoing series of collages, and mixed media artworks based upon my interest and love of botanical illustrations, and illuminated manuscripts. The Tribal Decoration of the African people from the Omo Valley that borders Ethiopia, and The Sudan influences this work. The Surma, and Mursi Tribes use their love of nature for their highly individual body decoration, using the ephemeral flora and fauna of the surrounding environment to juxtapose the traditional (European gaze) and standard of beauty with the ownership of their own Black beauty. In my heritage and history as an African American female artist, I felt the inspired call to create this series, lovingly, and, ironically named Exotica Botanica. Each work tells a story through the name of the work as well as the through the material placement and portrait used. In this work, Blessings and Rebirth, think of the ‘laying on of hands’, and the healing therein that occurs. Plants, nature, and the African Ashanti Akuaba figure are all part of the narrative in this work.” – Janet


“This work creates an interesting juxtaposition between nature and human nature, which in certain cultures is so undeniably linked. The theme of this work is healing, and when I look at this piece, I am reminded of how healing in our world is possible. Healing between people groups, between our world and our society. Healing between communities. It is a beautiful future to envision.”

- Scott Plank


The Artist

Janet Taylor Pickett

The Details

Mixed media collage with various papers


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