Gravedad de la Gravedad

Gravity of the Gravity

About The Art Work

Rafael Barrios’s geometric sculptures manipulate the eye into seeing depth in flat sheets of brightly colored metal. Adopting a sculptural vernacular pioneered by such figures as Joel Shapiro, Barrios subverts the three-dimensional essence of sculpture by shaping planar sheets to resemble carefully stacked and engineered objects. Such works often appear in public contexts, such as Park Avenue in New York. Though positioned as sculpture, his work’s Op Art elements equally align it with painting, effectively blurring the boundaries between the two media.


“I love the illusion that this piece provides, the blending of 3D and 2D… while the metal sheets are actually flat, the contrasting colors and shapes tricks the eye into believing metal beams hold themselves up precariously, and perfectly balanced.”

- Scott Plank


The Artist

Rafael Burrios

The Details

Paint on Iron
29 9/10 × 25 1/5 × 2 in
76 × 64 × 5 cm