Infant Girl Air and Metal (Green Rusty Bronze)

"The air and space which exists within the painting of the Infant Girls"

About The Art Work

In this artwork, artist Miguel Guia turns to the famous theme of the Infant Girls by Velazquez. This time he is using CUBISM as a vehicle to simplify the forms and spaces, wrapping a desired outline with planes and lines. Filling up the rhythm of the forms and showing us the famous painting by Velasquez in a single glimpse. One time they asked Salvador Dali: what would be the thing you save from the Prado Museum, if it burned and you would only be able to save one thing?”… and he responded: “The air and space which exists within the painting of the Infant Girls (Meninas) by Velazquez”. This particular phrase inspired Miguel Guia when choosing a name for his sculpture.

This is one part of a two-part series, see the second part here.


“At once both simple and complex, Miguel Guia’s Infant Girls are the essence of cubism. The avant-garde style represents reality in such a unique way. With harsh, straight lines and sharp, succinct edges, Guia’s Infant Girls embody a different kind of human image.”

- Scott Plank


The Artist

Miguel Guia

The Details

Layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper with the base of graphite or marble dust
15.7in Tall x 14.6in Wide x 8.3in Length