We the People Series

Illuminating the American Identity and Values through Art and Stories

About The Art Work

We the People is a nonpartisan campaign dedicated to igniting a national dialogue about American identity and values through public art and story sharing. On Inauguration Day, and since, these images have flooded America and the globe with new symbols of hope to combat the rising power of nationalism, bigotry, and intolerance. Amplifier is teaming up with change movements, educators, and innovative thinkers to bring We The People into schools and communities around the country. This next phase of We The People will continue to present images that challenge mainstream world views, but will go beyond this to instigate dialogue that refills our countryā€™s reserve of ideas and inspiration.


“Art is one of the most powerful ways to enact change and portray identity. ‘We the People’ is a symbol of hope, unity and fierce individuality. There is no one way to be American, to look American, to act American… this collection of art represents a collective resilience and strength that empowers an important national dialogue. It’s the fight against ignorance, hate and intolerance, and a call for actionable change within our society, homes and hearts.”

- Scott Plank


The Artist

Shepard Fairey

The Details

24in x 36 in