Natural, Healthy & Wholesome Sauces, Condiments & Dressings

About The Work

Tessemae’s provides sauces, condiments and dressings made from fresh ingredients, making them healthy and delicious. Their all-natural recipes contain no artificial ingredients to allow all people to keep their commitment to healthy eating and healthy living. Tesse found it difficult to feed her family healthy and delicious meals in a world where most food is filled with harmful ingredients used to preserve, volumize and create shortcuts for producers, so she created her own recipes. Greg Vetter, CEO of Tessemae’s, and his two brothers took that original, all-natural salad dressing recipe, and started the company in 2009.

Scott Plank connected Tesse’s team to Spike Gjerde, a local Baltimore chef who won Baltimore’s only James Beard award. Spike is known locally for his dedication to authentic local foods. He is a big proponent of the farm-to-table model, making use of all pieces of an animal and product (To learn more about Spike’s food philosophy visit Woodberry Pantry). Tessemae’s and Chef Gjerde’s philosophies for food align closely, making a partnership the next natural step. Now, Tessemae’s brings Spike’s Snake Oil Hot Sauce and other products to the world!

This investment was both personal and professional for Scott, bringing together two friends with a passion for good, healthy food. He saw the brilliance of Tessemae’s fresh natural food concept long before it became part of popular culture and knew he had to take advantage of the opportunity to help share it with the larger community.


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“Healthy food should be available to everyone. We’ve gotten so far away from natural recipes so to have the opportunity to bring that back into our food system is such an important step for bettering the health and lifestyle of our communities.”

- Scott Plank


Company Leadership

Greg Vetter


  • To increase accessibility to healthy, all-natural and fresh condiments, sauces and dressings.
  • To educate communities on the importance of healthy eating and quality foods.
  • To show that food does not have to be unhealthy to be delicious.