A New World for Organ Transportation

Human organ transplant logistics are measured in hours and minutes. JSP Ventures’ companies MediGO and MissionGO integrate UAS into this complex supply chain.

MediGO is the IoT enterprise resource planning (ERP) and logistics platform for critical medical supply chains and healthcare systems logistics. MediGO works with sister company MissionGO to integrate unmanned aircraft systems into a complex chain of custody and complex modes of transportation. Over time, the partnership of these two companies, under the direction of JSP Ventures, will become the decision support between manned and unmanned mode of transportation for healthcare systems.


How Three Jewish and Arab

How three Jewish and Arab Families Swapped Kidneys, Saved their Mothers and Made History

Minnesota Team Transports Human Pancreas By Unmanned Aircraft For the First Time


MediGO Used in Transport of World’s First Human Pancreas via Unmanned Aircraft


About JSP Ventures

JSP Ventures identifies or conceives, develops and funds, leads or supports advancements in applying IoT, eVTOL, machine learning and autonomous transportation to disrupt the world’s most challenging supply chains. We focus on decreasing supply chain carbon footprints by reducing wasted trips and replacing traditional modes of transport with carbon neutral autonomous electric vehicles.