Founding Partner of Seafood Smart: War Horse Cities

Sharing the National Aquarium’s strong commitment to conservation, War Horse CEO Scott Plank’s family foundation provided critical seed funding to launch the Seafood Smart™ program. The Baltimore-based real estate development firm specializes in building and supporting environmentally stable urban communities, with projects focused on improving access to local, affordable food.

“The National Aquarium’s sitting on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is daily motivation to act locally within our own Chesapeake Bay watershed and to think nationally and globally, driving our mission,” says War Horse CEO Scott Plank. “Food production is a function of abundant clean water. Farming, raising livestock and abundance of native fish, crabs and oysters all depend on sustainable cultivation within our national watersheds.”

Working together with War Horse, the Seafood Smart™ program educates and empowers consumers to make sustainably sound seafood choices. The initiative promotes and supports sustainable aquaculture, creating a balance for our ecosystems through responsibly farmed and wild harvested fish, shellfish and aquatic vegetables.

“Understanding seafood choices and making good buying decisions emerged as important ways for our visitors to advance watershed and ocean conservation by supporting local and sustainable fisheries with their family meals.”

– Scott Plank, CEO of War Horse

This article was originally published in the National Aquarium Online on June 30, 2014.

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