Drone carries human kidney over Las Vegas desert in what could be the future of organ transportation

MissionGO unmanned systems nevada flight

Drones are used today for a variety of tasks – delivering small express packages, assisting in search and rescue operations and capturing stunning aerial views views, to name just a few. Get ready to add one more to the growing list: human organ transit. Researchers at MissionGO, a provider of unmanned aviation solutions, and the Nevada Donor Network, an organ procurement organization,…

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To Market, To Market: Restaurant Deconstructed October 2014

Belvedere Square has been through ups and downs since it was first developed in 1986, fluctuations that align with the economy, management and public tastes. Over the last year or so, the market has sprung into bloom. Atwaters, the soup and sandwich shop, extended its reach within the space, adding a dairy case, beer and…

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Scott Plank’s newest venture is in the world of organ transplantation

Scott Plank giving a speech about new organ transportation system MediGo

A new Baltimore medical technology company, headed up by a local developer and investor, made its debut in the national health care industry Tuesday. MediGO offers a hardware and software platform for organ transplantation logistics, designed to make it easier for hospitals, donors and other stakeholders to track donated organs as they are delivered to…

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