AlarisPro – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations and Fleet Management

Providing solutions and training to the UAS industry

About The Work

The team at AlarisPro uses the same time-tested safety measures and standards proven through years of use in the manned aircraft industry and scale them to improve safety and reliability for UAS operators and manufacturers. Designed by an experienced team of highly skilled professionals in military and civil aviation; maintenance logistics; system engineering; and business, the AlarisPro platform tracks and predicts maintenance needs with precision, insight, and efficiency, so UAS operators and manufacturers can use data to stay steps ahead before critical issues arise.

The AlarisPro system exceeds the recordkeeping requirements of a Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System for Part 135 and Type Certificate documentation. Their clients include UAS manufacturers and operators, universities, and other organizations striving to make their UAS operation as safe as possible by proactively reducing risks and informing designs. Discover how AlarisPro sets the standard for safety, performance, and excellence in the unmanned aircraft industry.

The investment in AlarisPro was a logical next step given Scott Plank’s interest in technological innovation, and the support of the people and organizations that protect our cities.

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“This is an innovative product that could make an impact in so many industries as the use of drone technology becomes more widely accepted. I am thrilled to partner with such an experienced and passionate team!”

- Scott Plank



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