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MissionGO Flight Demonstrations in the Navajo Nation Highlight Essential Use Cases for Deliveries via Unmanned Aircraft

BALTIMORE, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MissionGO, a leader in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) production and operations, was invited by the Navajo Nation Office of the President and Vice President, and mobile healthcare company ZappCare, to showcase how MissionGO’s unmanned aircraft delivery service can be used to transport medical supplies and other essential items to people living in the most remote areas of the Navajo Nation.

Scott Plank

Impact Investor & Supporter of Innovation

Scott Plank has a passion for investing in and developing inspiring environments that help communities and businesses thrive. Plank's diverse background has shaped his interest in how intentional development of collaborative environments can magnify the lives and relationships of those who live within them, and how forward-thinking businesses can flourish with the right resources. Using his experience in supporting the arts, retail, real estate, entertainment, technology, architecture and medical industries, Plank is always on the lookout for the next innovative project to undertake.

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A Vision For Change

Strategic Impact Investing

Revitalization, transformation and innovation are key phrases that drive Scott Plank as he develops and nurtures both investments and philanthropic projects. He aims to bring revitalization to people, to communities and to organizations that have experienced disinvestment. His ideas focus on the transformation from old to new, from underutilized to thriving, from overlooked to appreciated. Plank's ideas do not center on the continuation of what may have worked in the past, but instead focus on innovative and bold ways of creating lasting change in communities, businesses, and individuals.


Empowering Businesses to Succeed and Grow


WeWork opened its first location in the Meatpacking district in 2011, with the mission to provide creative co-working spaces for entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers. Scott saw his own ideals on spaces, and the potential for growth of the individuals who use those spaces, in the founding ideas and goals of WeWork. He was…

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Under Armour

Scott’s brother, Kevin Plank, started making stretchy t-shirts for his football teammates at the University of Maryland in 1996. Scott’s years of experience working in small business and developing skills in finance came in handy and he began to help support and grow his brother’s startup, investing $12,500 in 1997 for approximately 15% of the…

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Lifetime Angel Investments

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Pro lacrosse all-star to expand his North Baltimore youth nonprofit

A growing Baltimore nonprofit founded by former pro-lacrosse player Matt Hanna has leased a high-profile space at Belvedere Square to grow its program to help city youth strengthen their academics. Next One Up signed a lease to take over the former Brick Bodies gym at Belvedere Square that sits at the corner of York Road and Belvedere…

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