Transforming Today's Learners Into Tomorrow's Leaders

About The Work

EverFi’s mission is to turn today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders through innovative educational opportunities. It is a platform for creating community impact that is customizable, measurable, inspiring and easy. It provides helpful resources for creating a more positive work environment for your employees, offer educational resources for K-12 students and empower communities to make impactful decisions. Their Honor Code provides online anti-bullying classes and resources to combat harassment in schools and create positive environments.

EverFi utilizes innovative but scalable technology to networks and educational systems to inform communities and educate students of all ages. From active community engagement, to results-driven digital courses for students, they are pioneering modern education through edtech and a dedication to informing today’s youth.

CEO of Everfi, Tom Davidson, is a longtime friend of Scott Plank, who made the initial investment with Everfi through development firm War Horse Cities to support financial literacy and education for high school students. Together, Scott Plank’s War Horse Cities and EverFi created the Tomorrowā€™s Innovators program, which works to help students in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco to positively impact their communities and discover their full potential.

Learn more about Scott’s philanthropic donation to EverFi’s Honor Code by clicking here.


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“It’s on honor to get to work closely with the world-leading educational technology company EverFi. They are transforming modern education to help today’s youth reach their full potential.”

- Scott Plank



  • To set today’s learners up for success and become tomorrow’s leaders through advanced educational opportunities
  • To provide innovative, new educational technology to provide students with every resource they need to achieve academic success.
  • To support the development of edtech and teach today’s students about the importance of quality education.