Belvedere Square

Enhancing the Local Community with a Central Gathering Spot

About The Work

Previously, Belvedere Square was mostly known as a seasonal Baltimore family gathering place for local live music performances and restaurants. As a patron of Belvedere Square for years, Scott Plank saw the opportunity to rethink and revive this market and turn it into a year-round hub for food, events and live music that connects the North Baltimore community. Utilizing previous relationships with tenants at Belvedere Square, Scott Plank and his team at War Horse Cities worked to rejuvenate the market with the help of partner and Baltimore’s first James Beard Award winner, Chef Spike Gjerde, to determine the right merchants for this space.

This community-centric and expansive market is now home to some of the region’s top merchants, providing an inviting space for wholesome meals, retail shopping and live music. With over 10,000 visitors each week, Belvedere Square has become a year-round attraction and social hub for the families of Baltimore. Belvedere Square is designed to connect people with culture, food and fun, and provide an experience like no other to the wonderful residents of Baltimore and beyond.

Logo for Belvedere Square Market.

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“The opportunity to help revitalize an area with so much potential was one that I could not pass up. Belvedere Square has so much to offer, and providing a space for families and friends to cultivate community and enjoy delicious food was our ultimate goal. Belvedere Square is a lively, year-round hub for entertainment, food and community interaction.”

- Scott Plank



  • To offer an inclusive space for the community of Baltimore to gather together over good food, music and family-friendly fun.
  • To revitalize an underutilized area of Baltimore with some of the area’s best artisanal fare and retail.
  • To showcase the rich history of this area and provide a space for families to make long-lasting memories.