Access to Smart Real Estate Investment Opportunities For All

About The Work

Fundrise was launched in early 2012 with the goal of giving all people, independent of wealth, status or schooling, access to invest in real estate and grow their personal portfolio. The Fundrise platform capitalized on novel technology to create an online marketplace where investors can collaborate and invest as little or as much as they want into a project and capitalize on potential returns.

The platform allows the company to reduce the ancillary cost of investing, which typically is lost to middlemen, to provide investors with a better return than average. Projects vary from single-family homes or multi-family condominium buildings to mixed-use manufacturing buildings. Fundrise pre-funds all projects, allowing construction or improvement to begin quickly, and investors to start accruing interest as soon as possible. Scott Plank became an investor in Fundrise as a result of the shared belief that beginner-to-experienced investors and small business owners should have access to real estate investment opportunities.


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“This platform revolutionized real estate investing by giving equal access and opportunity to investment opportunities across the country.”

- Scott Plank



  • To provide funding to a startup business aimed at changing the nature of real estate investing
  • To create space for equal opportunities for all to build their own wealth and investment portfolio