Lift Aircraft

Bringing The World's First Personal Flying Experience to Everyone

About The Work

Scott was introduced to the Lift Aircraft concept in 2019 and was immediately on board. Lift was created to bring the incredible experience and thrill of vertical flight to everyone. Their unique device, Hexa, is the first instance in which electric multi-rotor flying is being offered as an experience, with no pilot’s license required!

In the long term, the company is aiming to make use of this technology in areas new major cities, tourist destinations and entertainment hubs across America in the same way you would use a Zipcar or Scooter/Bike share.

Lift Aircraft

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“Vertical flight has been restricted to the uber-wealthy for so long, I am thrilled to be partnering with a company that will bring this amazing experience to the general public. This could truly revolutionize both the industry and how we travel!”

- Scott Plank


Company Leadership

Matt Chasen


  • Bring the power and freedom of Aviation to the general public
  • Utilize technology to modernize and revolutionize everyday transportation