Pier 7

Inspiring Others to Take Pride in Charm City By Seeing it From Another View

About The Work

Continuing his initiative to invest in Baltimore’s waterfront, Scott Plank saw an incredible chance to revive the Baltimore community through the purchase of the Pier 7 Heliport. With this investment, Scott Plank partnered with local aviation company, Charm City Helicopters, to provide an opportunity for Charm City locals and tourists to experience the city like never before. With sunset tours, charter services, seasonal tours and more, Charm City Helicopters showcases Baltimore’s beauty through one-of-a-kind aviation experiences.

Scott Plank understands the importance of technology and innovation, and how this can play a role in the revitalization of communities. The Pier 7 Heliport and Charm City Helicopters provides an opportunity to showcase Baltimore’s many amenities and unique beauty, as well as bring added revenue to the local community by promoting travel and tourism. Scott Plank is passionate about the Baltimore community, and playing an integral role in its growth and revitalization is an opportunity that will provide many benefits to the Baltimore area.


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“Pier 7 Heliport has provided a fantastic opportunity to further our initiatives in developing Baltimore’s waterfront. With the help of Charm City Helicopters, we have been able to create a space for individuals to experience Baltimore like never before.”

- Scott Plank



  • To help provide an amenity for families and individuals to experience Baltimore like never before through a one-of-a-kind aviation experience.
  • To promote travel and tourism in and around Baltimore by providing an exciting experience for locals and visitors alike.
  • To support a company founded on showcasing the various amenities that Charm City has to offer through a unique lens.