War Horse Cities

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About The Work

War Horse Cities was born out of Scott’s vision for strengthening communities, connecting people and enacting positive change.

The team at real estate development and investment firm War Horse Cities is committed to supporting and participating in vibrant communities, shared spaces and built environments that are economically and environmentally sustainable. In partnership with the communities and cities they serve, they invest time, skills and resources into defining and refining the potential of built environments and their impact on individuals, businesses and families. The War Horse Cities team also has a passion for developing real estate all over the country and kickstarting philanthropic initiatives for long-term positive impact.

In 2012, Scott left Under Armour to start War Horse Cities to pursue his passion for building places and communities head-on. Through War Horse Cities, Scott creates and manages a diverse range of projects, including a portfolio and pipeline of over 850 apartments, 80,000 square feet of office, 150,000 square feet of retail, philanthropic public service programs, often in communities that have experienced disinvestment. War Horse’s diverse portfolio today includes apartments, marinas, a hotel, office buildings, retail and entertainment venues in San Francisco and Maryland, and it continually and rapidly growing. Lead by Scott, the team at War Horse Cities has a mission to take underutilized spaces and transform it into a community-centric hub where people can gather, grow, create and celebrate together


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“Where would I be without my hardworking, talented and committed team at War Horse Cities? Their passion for transforming communities and creating innovative spaces that have never been built before is inspiring. War Horse Cities allows community members, entrepreneurs, students, families, creatives and more reach their greatest potential through forward-thinking initiatives that make long-lasting social and financial impacts.”

- Scott Plank



  • To create innovative built environments out of underutilized spaces to provide a place for people to gather and create.
  • To invest in places that have seen disinvestment to unlock their full potential and strengthen the communities that reside there.
  • To build and develop dynamic real estate to make long-term positive impacts on communities.
  • To launch philanthropic initiatives for the greater good of all people.