Baltimore School for the Arts

Creativity and Inspiration that Propels It

About This Program

The Baltimore School for the Arts is one of the most successful public schools in the state and one of the best five arts high schools in America. At the BSA, the community’s most creative and artistic young minds have the opportunity and resources to refine their skills in fine arts, acting, theatre stage tech, dance, music and much more.

Passionate about the arts and the creativity and inspiration that propels it, Scott saw an amazing opportunity to support the young and talented students at the BSA. Where students were formerly training with other students only in their individual disciplines, Scott invested in the school to help make the experience for students a collaborative and dynamic environment so students could develop well-rounded and cross-functional talents. When students began practicing and refining their skills in other disciplines, they saw growth, interest and even downright passions in other areas of art, dance, music and theatre that they did not initially expect.

Scott was honored to support the students at the BSA through strategic initiatives catered to help refine their artistic potential and nurture artistic innovation. He looks forward to the continued success and achievements of his philanthropic partner, Baltimore School of the Arts. In 2014, a public/private partnership between Baltimore City Public Schools System, the JS Plank and Dana DiCarlo Family Foundation, the France-Merrick Foundation, and the Pearlstone Family Fund, lead to the development and integration of BSA’s Center for Collaborative Arts and Technology (CCAT). CCAT provides “a professional digital facility focused at the intersection of art, technology, and collaboration.” The innovative system has already played an integral role in the students having the ability to produce awe-inspiring and award-winning projects.


"I am thrilled to work with the Baltimore School for the Arts and help fuel the talent, passion and creativity of the exceptional students there. Baltimore School of the Arts is truly a place that changes kids' lives."

- Scott Plank


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