Code Tenderloin

Transforming Overlooked Communities

About This Program

Together, Scott Plank, War Horse Cities and Code Tenderloin have harnessed the power of community to transform the Tenderloin area, a San Francisco community that has seen disinvestment, into a unique and diverse community on the rise.

Code Tenderloin is a San Francisco-based company with a mission to support the community of the Tenderloin area and help its members secure long-term employment, overcome life obstacles, manage childcare and remove social or economic barriers that may stand in the way. They even cover transportation costs including public transportation and ride shares to get community members to jobs and interviews. Founder of Code Tenderloin, Del Seymour, saw the potential of creating a workforce development nonprofit to support community members in getting secure employment.

Scott Plank immediately formed a long-term partnership with Del Seymour to help the organization meet the needs of more residents in search of employment and increase their positive impact on the community. The Tenderloin district is a community with incredible potential, full of a bright and diverse community with an impressive range of abilities and ideas. Code Tenderloin is helping to bridge the gap between these unique and talented individuals and the opportunities they need to thrive.


"Code Tenderloin is making positive changes to the San Francisco community that has long seen disinvestment. Founder Del Seymour and I share the common passion for helping communities through impactful investment and community development."

- Scott Plank


Approximate Number of People Impacted