Francis Scott Key School

Approaching Education with a Focus on Wellness

About This Program

Francis Scott Key Elementary and Middle School in Baltimore City has a philosophy geared towards developing the whole child. From Pre-K through 8th grade, educators focus on providing exceptional educational opportunities and offer rigorous courses and programs, such as STEM and gifted and talented programs, to help each and every student reach their greatest potential.

Scott Plank’s War Horse Cities started the Francis Scott Key Teacher Wellness Program in Baltimore with the idea that healthier teachers could lead to happier students. The goal was to support teachers and students to pursue healthy lifestyles with an approach of overall wellness and increased collaboration.

The school features a group training room with state-of-the-art fitness machines and technology, including programming from FX Well and UA Record from Under Armour. Professional trainers, as well as nutritional programs and high-tech equipment, are also available for teachers. The teacherā€™s lounge was also upgraded to include special collaboration rooms for teachers to create and share lesson plans. Now, the Francis Scott Key Elementary and Middle School has a world-class gym and wellness facility to encourage both staff and students to adopt healthy lifestyles.


"Francis Scott Key Elementary and Middle School is changing the lives of Baltimore City youth through challenging yet rewarding classes and a focus on personal development. The wellness center surely empowers teachers to lead healthy lives and inspire their students.

- Scott Plank


Approximate Number of Students Impacted