James McHenry School

Empowering Students, Educators and the Community

About This Program

James McHenry School is a community school in Southwest Baltimore known for its superb teaching staff and a tight-knit community of dedicated parents and faculty members. James McHenry is one of five schools in the collaborative 100% Project, and the school’s dedicated faculty prioritizes community engagement, school culture and rigorous yet rewarding instruction.

In 2017, a team of more than 1,500 volunteers from Under Armour revamped the school’s gymnasium, which included installing new basketball hoops, a new floor, a scoreboard and more. Volunteers also repainted the walls and school logo. Other renovations included revamping the cafeteria, auditorium, hallways and courtyard. Volunteers prepared new books for each student to take home and keep, revitalized the school’s food pantry and gave the teachers’ lounge a needed upgrade.

Scott Plank spoke at James McHenry School at a Tomorrow’s Innovators award event, a program co-created by Scott Plank and Everfi. Plank is a philanthropic partner of James McHenry School and is dedicated to providing increased educational opportunities to the students and faculty of the Southwest Baltimore school system.


"The educators at James McHenry Elementary and Middle Schools are entirely dedicated to providing the best education and opportunities possible to their students. The renovated gymnasium provides increased opportunities for fitness, collaboration and fun for students.""

- Scott Plank


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