Living Classrooms

Diversity, Equality and Inclusiveness

About This Program

Living Classrooms Foundation was founded in 1985 right in Baltimore. A nonprofit based in Baltimore City and Washington D.C., Living Classrooms has a mission to combat poverty and create “safer, stronger, and healthier” communities by “meeting individuals where they are and building skills for life.” Living Classrooms works with everyone from children to adults to help them realize their potential through education, career development and health and wellness initiatives.

Living Classrooms has a hands-on and interactive philosophy towards education called “learning by doing.” This kinesthetic approach prioritizes the use of environmental campuses, athletic fields and other community centers or sights as vessels for learning. Their approach to “learning by doing” has three key areas: Education & Enrichment, Workforce Development, and Health & Wellness and Violence Prevention. By incorporating these distinct areas into the cases they work with, they help people identify their barriers keeping them from success and provide opportunities for them to reach their full potential, “creating stronger family units and more resilient communities.”

Scott Plank, who has a passion for supporting, bolstering and transforming communities to help businesses, families and individuals reach their greatest potential, saw Living Classrooms as the perfect partner that shared his goals and beliefs. Plank is a generous supporter and philanthropic partner of Living Classrooms to help them form and execute their visions for helping marginalized communities.


"Baltimore needs champions of the community who are committed to combating poverty and providing opportunities for all. Living Classrooms is doing just that."

- Scott Plank


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