Port Discovery

Educating Children and Inspiring Life-Long Curiosity

About This Program

Port Discovery is the premier children’s museum in the Mid-Atlantic. Their mission is to have a positive influence on the academic and life success of today’s children, provide a safe and inclusive place to offer playful learning and extend their impact on communities by offering educational programs community and state-wide. The team at Port Discovery is full of innovative thought leaders committed to helping the children of Maryland and beyond reach their best potential through education and fun.

Port Discovery is passionate about their community’s diversity and upholds their museum as a place where adults and children from all backgrounds can interact, collaborate, learn and play. At Port Discovery, they truly believe in a  world where the value of learning through play is respected and that play can transform the lives of today’s youth. They are always looking for the next interactive and engaging experience to bring to the museum.

Port Discovery offers tons of interactive play areas, exhibits and experiences like The SkyClimber, The Port and more, to help children boost their confidence and learn hands-on problem-solving skills. There are also art exhibits and workshops to help young leaders unlock their artistic side. Scott Plank is honored to support and work with a forward-thinking organization like Port Discovery that strives to make learning as interactive, and fun, as possible.


"Port Discovery is a trailblazer in interactive and hands-on childrens education, and there is a reason it is ranked in the top 5 children's museums in the nation. I love working with organizations that align with my goals to support and transform children's education."

- Scott Plank


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