Roland Park Baseball

Little Leagues, Big Fun!

About This Program

Roland Park Baseball Leagues (RPBL) is a local Little League organization in Baltimore City and County and has been in existence since 1952. The league is regarded as one of the oldest youth baseball organizations in the United States.

RPBL strives to nurture and mature children by instilling the ideals of few core tenants of “honesty, loyalty, courage, good sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play.” By working to understand those ideals, the boys and girls grow physically, mentally, and emotionally intro strong and capable young adults. The founding tenant was to “grow children through baseball, rather than grow baseball with children.” While they aim to improve each child’s athletic skills, coaches strive to mold the children’s personalities before striving to win games.

Today, Roland Park Baseball League has 60 teams in five different age groups, this is over 800 children per year! These teams are supported by local businesses and families to provide uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, umpire fees and trophies. This sponsorship ensures that families of all income levels can participate in this league. Scott supports this league as an individual donor as well as through Belvedere Square, one of his property investments.


"Investing in children's growth, character development and sportsmanship is so essential. Nurtured children grow into thoughtful adults who can make an impact on their community!"

- Scott Plank


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