Sanibel Sea School

Where People Value and Care for the Ocean

About This Program

Sanibel Sea School is dedicated to teaching children and adults about marine life, including animals, people, plants, land, ocean and weather, and give students hands-on opportunities to interact with the ecosystem. Sanibel Sea School has a drive to guide students to create meaningful connections to the ocean and transform people’s lives through marine education.

With a focus on preservation, conservation and marine wildlife protection, the team at Sanibel Sea School encourages the community to be good stewards to others and to the environment. They conduct their business in ways that have the least amount of impact on the environment and value teaching underprivileged or at-risk children in the area.

Sanibel Sea School offers weekly camps, educational programs for both adults and students and even fun activities like stand-up paddleboarding to offer students a well-rounded and unforgettable education. Scott Plank saw immense potential in the mission and vision of Sanibel Sea School and is pleased to support the environmentally mindful and compassionate organization dedicating to improving both people’s lives and the health of our marine life.


"Sanibel Sea School is dedicated to teaching children and adults the importance of our oceans and preserving our precious marine and wildlife. As a philanthropic partner of the organization, I am thrilled to support their mission to improve the ocean's future and the lives that rely on it."

- Scott Plank


Approximate Number of Students Impacted