Western Police District

Restoring Relationships Between Officers and the Community

About This Program

A positive relationship between members of the neighborhood and law enforcement is crucial for a healthy and sustainable community. The Western District is comprised of several neighborhoods such as Sandtown-Winchester, Poppleton, Penn-North, and Druid Hill, in addition to Coppin State University.

With the goal in mind to transform a police station that has previously seen disinvestment into an inviting community space, Scott Plank’s War Horse Cities broke ground on a renovation of Baltimore City’s Western Police District. The team created enhancements including a public parking space, a reflection garden outside, new public bathrooms and community meeting spaces. This new space was designed to encourage the community to feel empowered to contribute to dialogue and feel they had a safe environment to use their voice. Officers were able to enjoy new bathrooms, locker rooms, meeting spaces, a training facility and more to increase morale and allow options to improve fitness.

Scott Plank continues to enjoy an ongoing relationship with the members of the Western Police District. Their common goal of creating sustainable healthy communities drives a strong philanthropic partnership that will last for years to come.


"I am honored to work with the dedicated and hardworking members of the Western Police Station. Together, we can build strong relationships between officers and citizens to nurture a positive and collaborative community."

- Scott Plank


Approximate Number of Students Impacted