War Horse Cities Marina Services Managed by Oasis Marina

Bringing marine recreation to the heart of Charm City.

About The Work

The boatel, located at 1800 South Clinton St. is a secure, fully enclosed facility for 55 boats, managed by MarineMax Baltimore. This boatel is located in the same area as the Pier 7  Heliport, another investment of Scott Plank’s. Configured with 3 levels of racks, this boatel can accommodate vessels up to 40’ in length. As a fantastic way for boat owners in Baltimore to enjoy the warm months on the water, Scott Plank’s investment in this boatel is fueling growth in many Charm City neighborhoods.

Customers have unlimited ability to have their boat launched and racked during the boating season, which runs from April 1st-November 1st. This request can be accommodated by the trained staff on a daily basis, if desired, with simple advance notice. From luxury yachts to small fishing boats, this boatel gives Maryland residents an opportunity for recreation outside of common marine destinations such as Annapolis or the Eastern Shore, and brings people back to the Baltimore community. Additionally, the marina maintains approximately 1000 linear feet of side tie dockage to facilitate the staging and short term storage of boats in the water.

This boatel also provides resources for community members outside of boating season, in which customers have the peace of mind that their vessels are shielded from the elements and protected by a wet sprinkler system. Customers also have access on the property to restrooms, showers, high speed gas and diesel fuel and ice for their convenience. Scott Plank’s investment in the boatel at MarineMax Baltimore is more than just a space for vessels, it draws people to the Charm City community in a new and innovative way.

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The boatel at MarineMax Baltimore provides a fantastic space for boaters of all kinds to store their boats and enjoy time during peak boating season. This boatel provides an outlet for community members to take advantage of all of the wonderful things Charm City has to offer.

- Scott Plank



  • To bring growth and revitalization to the Baltimore community through marine recreation of all levels.
  • To provide Baltimore residents with a high-quality space to keep their marine vessels, and enjoy recreational activity during peak boating season.
  • To bring innovative additions to Baltimore’s waterfront through boating and aviation, helping Charm City become a destination for many.