The Innovation District: How The Hall CP is Strengthing The University of Maryland

The University of Maryland has long been a top public university in Maryland that is known as a trailblazer for Innovation District, creativity and academic accomplishment. Now, The Hall CP will help extract the full potential of the University of Maryland’s Innovation District. The Hall CP, which will be a mixed-use environment where community collaboration can blossom, is currently under construction and is set to be completed in early December of 2019.

What Will The Hall CP Offer the Community?

As the demand for innovative, collaborative spaces slowly spreads throughout Maryland and the United States, Scott Plank’s War Horse Cities discovered a way to meet that need with The Hall CP. The 15,000 square-foot undertaking will be an entertainment and academic hub that encourages start-up culture and entrepreneurial prosperity.

What began as an underused space comprised of two vacant buildings and a patch of land is now the foundation for a unique indoor-outdoor space for College Park students, entrepreneurs, artists, budding chefs and the local community to enjoy. The innovative space will include a teaching kitchen, a production space, a restaurant, a music venue, a rehearsal space, a performance setting, a courtyard and, of course, The Hall. The Hall will be a spacious, indoor dining area that will help nurture artistic endeavors, community building and academic progress—the paramount community ecosystem.

What is The University of Maryland’s Innovation District?

The Innovation District is an accessible and dynamic 150-acre research park at the University of Maryland that fosters academic achievement through various research partnerships. It also offers experiences and amenities for faculty and students for College Park. It hosts attractions such as The Hotel, a four-diamond luxury hotel and conference center offering world-class dining services and accommodations. Tenants also include Environmental and Earth Sciences, Food Safety and Agricultural Policy, Language and National Security and other private companies such as Adobe and the American Center of Physics. With the addition of The Hall CP, The Innovation District will be the penultimate hub for entertainment attractions and academic excellence. 

How Will The Hall CP Help the Innovation District Blossom?

The Hall CP will be a mixed-use community space with a “students-first” vision—a space for young academics to learn, grow and connect within an academic watering hole. College Park’s Innovation District has long-needed a thriving community space that caters to the needs of students and young professionals across all scopes. The success of other built environments—such as the flexible and collaborative environments created by WeWork—is a testament to the strides a community can make when a creative and shared space is provided. 

The Hall CP is currently under construction and will be completed and ready for use in December 2019. Our dedicated crew is working diligently to have the space completed and available for the community, and the university is eager to exercise the much-needed gathering space. Equipped with these determined entities, the potential for The Hall CP is just scratching the surface.

Collaborate with Artists, Entrepreneurs and Students at The Hall CP

Founder and CEO of War Horse Cities, Scott Plank, earned his degree in Urban Planning from The University of Maryland. Now, he is utilizing his schooling to give back to the university that invested in him. The Hall CP will ignite a creative flame in the Innovation District, strengthen the academic powerhouse that is The University of Maryland and inspire students and community members to push their artistic limits. The Hall CP will serve as the touchstone of community collaborative spaces, and Scott Plank looks forward to the continued development of this shared community space and all that it will offer to his beloved alma mater. 

The Hall CP Scott Plank Rendering Design Exterior
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