Scott Plank, Founder of War Horse Cities Invests in Levin Eyecare

Levin Eyecare and War Horse Cities today announced an innovative partnership that will leverage the companies’ respective specialties to expand access to world-class eye care while providing an unmatched patient experience and exceptional workplace environment. The agreement is designed to increase the practice’s network of office locations at the same time it enables doctors to spend more time treating patients.

Levin Eyecare, which provides comprehensive medical, surgical and routine vision services to patients at 11 locations throughout Greater Baltimore, was founded as a family practice in 2006. Under the terms of the agreement announced today, War Horse Cities is serving as a growth partner in the practice, developing, financing and implementing direct-to-consumer retail strategies to bring the patient-centric philosophy of care that defines Levin Eyecare to more individuals and communities.

“Partnering with War Horse Cities will enable us to utilize the latest technology and operational processes to advance our digital customer acquisition and retail community building strategies and streamline our backend functions to keep our focus where it belongs – on our patients,” said Dr. Richard Levin, chief executive officer of Levin Eyecare. “We’re committed to enhancing every aspect of the patient experience – from minimizing wait times by handling all the appointment paperwork in advance to maximizing time with our doctors by conducting all other administrative functions offsite.”

War Horse, widely recognized for strengthening communities through its neighborhood investment strategies, collaborative and innovative workplace developments and retail activations, will offer the technological and operational expertise and financial investment necessary to facilitate Levin Eyecare’s next phase of growth while enabling a seamless patient experience. Under the new company structure, the vast majority of administrative duties will be removed from patient-facing offices and handled in a Towson headquarters equipped with a robust data infrastructure simplifying the scheduling of appointments, the management of patient records and the facilitation of inter-office referrals.

“We have a long history of bringing technology to the built environment and designing spaces that maximize the customer and employee experience,” said War Horse Cities founder Scott Plank. “This is a unique opportunity to do that in a way that directly benefits people in need of specialized healthcare services and to partner with a team that shares our values and passion for mission-focused work that puts people first.”

Plank added that he is excited to get back into a retail-based business. As one of the founding partners of Under Armour, Plank was directly responsible for building the brand’s global and direct-to-consumer operations, which included hundreds of specialty stores, outlet stores and the company’s first ecommerce platform.

War Horse believes the primary customers of any business are its employees. For that reason, the company will use its design and operational expertise to create state-of-the-art office environments that support productivity in a comfortable, well-equipped setting. As the practice grows, attracting and retaining highly skilled individuals seeking new opportunities for advancement will remain a top priority.

The same design experience that benefits employees and patients will serve those who accompany patients to the practice, as waiting rooms throughout the practice’s network will offer free high-speed wi-fi and power outlets.

Together, the Levin family and War Horse Cities will grow the business and its team of professionals through acquisitions and partnerships with like-minded eyecare professionals. The addition of new locations – potential expansion sites are actively being evaluated – will expand the practice’s reach in communities throughout Greater Baltimore.

“I began this practice with the understanding that everyone has to have quality care. Period,” said Dr. Howard Levin, the practice’s president and clinical director. “That’s a simple philosophy, but it can be challenging to execute. As the administrative end of healthcare grows more complex, it is essential to bolster efficiencies in the non-care functions of the practice in order to retain focus on the patients. We’re excited this partnership allows us to do just that.”


Levin Eyecare’s in-house ophthalmologists and optometrists share more than 100 years of diagnostic, optical and surgical experience, and have earned numerous awards and commendations in the fields of ophthalmology, genetic research, cataract evaluations, lens implants, teaching and community service.

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This article was originally published in Covalent Careers on November 6th, 2019. See it in its original post here.

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