Partnering with Code Tenderloin During COVID-19

The partnership with Code Tenderloin in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco has always been important to Scott. But that partnership is looking a little bit different in the era of Coronavirus.

Scott Plank partnered with Del Seymour & Code Tenderloin to fund the provision of Care Kits to the men and women in the Tenderloin district. “The need in our community is so great. “We’re the most dense area in the city of SF and we’re the population that’s really finding it difficult to shelter in place. […] We’re living inches from each other, not feet or yard but inches.” Seymour said, “So we got in a partnership with Matt Haney, our district supervisor, and Scott Plank, a who is a philanthropist from Baltimore, who just recently invested $20,000 in our program to distribute kits and sanitation equipment to people in the Tenderloin.”

“Its times like these where we take our home and our ability to be at home for granted, especially when we’re tired of being cooped up and want to get outside.” Scott Plank said, “In this time of overwhelming anxiety and grief, it is easy to forget about members of our community who have no place to call home during this quarantine. To bolster a community, we have to bolster all of its people. This donation is not only essential but timely. “

To learn more about this initiative, watch the video below or visit Code Tenderloin’s profile here.