Scott Plank’s Investment in Baltimore Redefined What the Waterfront Could Offer the Community

People enjoying a sunny day at Swim Club Baltimore in Canton.

Scott Plank purchased a 15-entity portfolio from the Baltimore Marine Center because he saw a vision for revitalizing the waterfront—now, the thriving Lighthouse Point and surrounding areas are demonstrating the potential of the Canton-area waterfront and confirming how thoughtful investment can have limitless possibilities for a city. Scott Plank Purchased a Property Portfolio from the…

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Scott Plank, Founder of War Horse Cities Invests in Levin Eyecare

Levin Eyecare and War Horse Cities today announced an innovative partnership that will leverage the companies’ respective specialties to expand access to world-class eye care while providing an unmatched patient experience and exceptional workplace environment. The agreement is designed to increase the practice’s network of office locations at the same time it enables doctors to…

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